Rekha – The Untold Story || Yasser Usman

Rating : 6/10

Review By Ankur Sardana

Yasser Usman is the Chetan Bhagat of the Filmy Autobiographers around. What he lacks in access & depth, he compensates by his understanding of his readers.


He researches & provides a fresh interpretation of a recent past. One can finish the book in one go, but I’d suggest, to take breaks – look at youtube, read some articles, dream a little and not be in a hurry. I had a wonderful time discovering Rekha, while the book itself might not be enough to understand this enigmatic personality, it does provide a base to launch your own Rekha journey.

There is nothing Untold about the story though. Rekha has herself said most of it in interviews, some of which are available on youtube. Yasser, surely has re-told the story, as he did with Rajesh Khanna.

Somethings which stay on from the book & explode into much more, after some Google dips :

1. Her articulation of her life & her acting

‘I am not just an actress, but I am a badnaam actress with a rotten past & a reputation for being a sex maniac’

She has always been mostly consistent with her thought on life and her own acting. From here, where she talk to Simi early in her life about marriage and men :

or here, much later in her life :

The way she analyses here (with Rajeev Masand) acting & humbly expresses her no-process acting is a treat :

2. She has been the most sensuous ever !

    1. ‘You can’t come close, really close, to a man without making love’

I’ve never seen an Indian heroine giving herself or being so involved, bordering to being overpowering in her sensuality, in songs and in intimate scenes.’Ghar’, ‘Silsila’, ‘Ijaazat’, ‘Pakeezah’ & so many more. The way she keeps the head of the heroes in her embrace seems like she is totally in love & the hero could not have a better person in the world to care for him.


Look at her with Dharmendra in the song below. Dharmendra seems to have no clue about what to do with so much of sensuality.

Ghar has to be seen to be believed. The scene below shows how involved Rekha is with the character and the scene.

‘How is this dark, plump and gauche actress ever going to make it?’ – Shashi Kapoor

She did make it ! Didn’t she … and in doing so disrupted & set new standards of beauty and style.

Rekha – is a National Film Award Winning Bollywood Actress.


An article by Jerry Pinto

3. Her versatility & desire to be relevant is unbelievable

‘Khoon bhari maang..destroyed the myth that it was essential to have a hero as the protagonist & that heroines were there just to serve as interludes & mannequins’ – M.L. Dhawan

Only if she was given more meaty roles, would Bollywood do justice to her talent. She has on her part tried hard.

Though she has made a fool of herself as well, like with Aastha

I sincerely wish that she gets more meaningful roles on movies or she gets on to TV to express more as she did with Kapil Sharma’s show.

As Rekha has a lot to offer.


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