Aditya Chopra Relives Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge || Nasreen Munni Kabir

Rating : 2/10

Review by Ankur Sardana

A book which has been originally priced at 2000 INR and is available for 299 INR should make one think. But being one who never leaves anything coming even remotely from Nasreen Munni Kabir, this book had to be read/browsed through, to believe that even the great NMK falters. We are all humans. I really don’t know why she did this book  😦 A grumpy NMK fan). Maybe, the format of the book didn’t give her that liberty or it seems as if the material was passed to her (what if she never really interviewed Aditya !)

There are three reasons why this book could have been so useful

  1. DDLJ is special, extremely special. The scenes & songs bring back memories of love & infatuation to all of us who weren’t too old in the nineties. It’s a film which remains fresh always & there would be hazaar reasons for it. So a book on the movie and what went inside it could be a good start to understand some reasons for its success.
  2. Aditya Chopra is a recluse, there is absolutely no media interaction of a person who is such a big Indian director & producer. A book which present his thoughts could be a treat for Bollywood junkies.
  3. NMK is a master interviewer. Her books & documentaries are much about her questions than the people answering them. She would definitely put across reasoning and wit which would be great to read & would be insightful for people who want to learn.

The book isn’t living upto any of these 3 reasons.

For those who aren’t planning to buy this, please don’t ..instead spend your time on the movie on the making of DDLJ . The movie has (mostly) all the moments present in the book & is much more entertaining & interactive.


From the book, a few takeaways :

View on superstars

One of the reasons why SRK. Aamir & Salman became who they are is because the do not remind us of anyone we have seen before, just like Amitabh Bachan did not remind us of anyone either. I think that’s what makes a superstar.

His view on background music

Besides adding energy & pace to a film, background music is a great tool to prompt an audience on what to feel.

I think our audiences like being prodded, now cry, laugh, feel scared, etc. If background music is used successfully, it also enhances an emotional scene much more.

[]In addition, a background score helps to hide mistakes. [] If the music comes at the right moment, it can camouflage a weak performance as well.

On a director’s vision

Dilwale taught me that you must have clarity of vision when making a film. A film starts off essentially as one man’s vision & then it depends on how he is able tot excite his team to follow that vision. 50% of a director’s job is creative & 50% is people management.


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