Khullam Khulla || Rishi Kapoor & Meena Iyer

Rating : 5/10

Review by Ankur Sardana

There is hardly anything which one could quote from the book & yet the book is good fun. There is honesty and gossip without depth and complications. There are scoops of passion with lack of inspiration.

That’s Rishi Kapoor.

In an entertaining episode of Aaj Ki Adalat, he had announced his autobiography which is his resume, mixed wisely with ‘kisse of the industry‘.

The book contains a lot of chest beating, family & ‘me’.  He fails to maintain a balance between him and the craft or others. He thinks that the story could inspire, but at best, it entertains.

There are genuinely interesting pieces around Amitabh Bachan, Rajesh Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Dawood, Jeetendra, Amjad Khan and his second innings (which is truly special & his roles do justice to his talent. I personally love him most as Duggal in ‘Do Duni Chaar’).

Meena Iyer malfunctions only at a few places where some difficult English is used, otherwise the narrative mostly comes across as conversations (taped interviews). This is good in a way as ghost or co-writers can completely make the text alien .. one remarkable & completely unrelated example was Shoaib Akhtar’s Controversially Yours where it was completely unimaginable to find Shoaib speaking such ‘Angrezi‘.

Why Rishi Kapoor wrote (narrated) the book is clear in the interview with Bollywood Hungama, where he is candid in saying that he had to do it, since no other Kapoor had done it & that he wants to record his legacy. I just hope that now that he is done with serving us the moderately spicy snacks, he could also look at some healthy meals. How about some meaty chapters on his craft & storytelling ?  .. I have a feeling he won’t do that, not all good actors can be good teachers, directors or storytellers.

Some other pieces from youtube :

An interesting interview of Rishi, Ranbir & Karishma Kapoor (Rishi does look like a couple of drinks up). Tarun is biting in his questions around the comparison of Rishi’s talent vs Raj Kapoor, which to his credit Rishi handles well with grace.

And here he is (below), an interview which kinds of sums him up. His mannerisms are loud, he is brash & he can see himself while he speaks. He is about him.




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