Rating : 6/10

Review by Ankur Sardana


“Yes RGV, Power & Sex – Guns & Thighs are primal instincts. Primal instincts of an individual, but humans evolved in a community, in kinship, where other feelings are as important – Love & Trust, Empathy & Faith, Joy & Innocence. And more. You have been able to dig deep into the two dimensions in which you believe and have given the audience an unparalleled experience, but maybe you’re overdoing it and killing the hen, multiple times over. And it seems you will continue doing that.”

Have a look at RGV’s web series trailer :

His interaction with media after the release :

To his credit, he accepts his failures (not with grace but a strange ‘I know all’ arrogance). Has this reputation of a loud mouth bully which he has to carry. His choice of clothing and way he built his studio reeks of bad aesthetics. Hear him here and have a look at his studio :

His autobiography is like his extended twitter account, which he insists is graffiti but tries to bolster his own self-image of an arrogant film-gansgter.

Graffiti could be interesting at times, for example, it made me search for Tori Black. He dedicates his autobiography to her and Mad magazine, Ayn Rand, Urmila Matondkar, Bruce Lee, Amitabh Bachchan & a few gangsters.


An intersting quote from the chapter ‘Rifle’

“I think the difference between an erotic film and a porn film is the backlighting. If it’s backlit it’s erotic and its it’s frontlet, it’s porn.”

The most innocuous (rare) parts are about his dedication towards Amitabh Bachan & Sridevi. Which again in a way establishes his unidimensional way at looking the world. About Sridevi he writes:

“Her beauty and sex appeal were so owerpowering that it took many films and many many years for both the audience and the industry to recognise the actress in her”

“I continued talking to her mother with enormous respect and awe because she had actually given birth to Sridevi”


About AB he writes:

“All things said and done, there’s one thing I hate about AB and that is his birthday. Every birthday go his reminds me that he is getting older and older and I hate that.

I just wish that God would realise that AB is a rare art form that even he himself can create only once in a million years and so just put him on a pause button and make him live forever.”

See above both of them talking about Sarkar and movies. How I wished that RGV spoke less.

An intersting quote from the chapter ‘The Inbetweenists’

“What I’ve realised over the years is that are people who do and people who don’t want to do, but the majority of the people can’t decide what to do. … They also have an opinion on everything thats happening in the world, and defend their opinion with seemingly unshakeable conviction. The breed of people you can also meet in the comments section of my blog”

His thought on HIS films

“My film is nothing but my world. Many others may contribute to its shape and form but that works is eventually colored by my vision”

There is no doubt that the man made his best movies with brilliance around (Anurag Kashyap, Jaideep Sahni, Kusum Punjabi). Shiva, Kaun, Satya, Shool, Nishabd, Sarkar are all part of cult cinema. And when he has banked only himself, his dependence on famous quotes and Godfather mostly let through mediocrity and gore. I wish he opens up and embraces more and stops being scared of losing himself.






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