Why this blog

The only way we can live multiple lives in one lifetime, is through stories. And if the stories are about the chamatkari lands and its fitoori people, the experience of living these multiple lives is enhanced to bhayankar levels.

I am in love with books on Indian cinema, acting, theatre, story-telling & music and I’m sure if you’ve reached as far as this page, you are a lover of the same pleasures as well.


While searching for credible lists for such books and (passionate & in-depth) reviews for such category of books, I realised there’s an unfortunate gap. The lists are limited by what Amazon & Flipkart throws at us. And, the existing reviews (other than that of a couple of authors) are just that – reviews, they are mundane and add nothing to the pleasure of reading these books.

Books on cinema, theatre, music, need to be experienced and not just read.  The reviews here at ‘wokitabein’ go (or should go) beyond just reviewing the written text and providing a judgement to a level where the reader/lover gets to experience much more.

This is an attempt to collectively celebrate books of a particular kind. The kind, which you and I love.

If you have read any books reviewed here, please do share your opinion in the comment section. If you want to review a book, please mail the review/link to ankur[dot]sardana[at]gmail.


Ankur Sardana

[About Me : I’m a post graduate from National Institute of Design and have been working professionally to establish User Experience Design practice (with a focus on Design Thinking, Story Telling & Empathy) across companies for the last 12 years. In theatre, after my initial grooming with Kalayan Theatre Group and Chilsag Chillies, for a few years, I started Nautankibaaz Productions , where we try our own scripts and experiment with Improv.]


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